Marriages in Bohernabreena Parish

Any information on weddings in the parish can be obtained by ringing the Parish Offices between 10.30am and 12.30pm :

St Anne's Church        

Wednesday & Friday  Ph. 01 4626 893  


Holy Rosary Church    

Monday - Tuesday   Ph. 01 4141 838  


Please find some general information on church weddings below.

We welcome your application to be married in Bohernabreena parish.

The priests of the parish wish you every blessing and happiness on the occasion of your forthcoming marriage. The marriage of two people is a very special celebration. We hope that the following information will be helpful to you. When making preparations there seems to be so much to do, yet when you really think about it, especially with regard to the Church, things are very straightforward and if you allow enough time all can be arranged without too much difficulty. 

What Needs To Be Done?

In preparation for your meeting with the Civil Registrar you must first contact the Parish to book the Church for the date you desire and to know the name of the priest who has agreed to celebrate your marriage (known in civil law as 'the Solemniser').  You need to meet immediately with your priest after meeting the Registrar to commence the pre-nuptial enquiry forms.  Marriage papers from the parishes of the bride and groom should be received in the office of the parish where the wedding takes place at least one month before the wedding date.

Book The Church

It is advisable to book the Church as early as possible.  This booking must be made through the relevant Parish Office where you will be giving a booking form to complete.  You will also need to contact the priest at this stage.  Please note that the parish Finance Committee has set a fee for the use of the Churches for weddings which will need to be returned with your completed booking form (further information is available from the parish offices).

If you are living outside of Bohernabreena parish you are still very welcome to either of our churches, however we ask that you please bring your own priest to celebrate the wedding.  As above, please contact the parish office with your details for booking.  

   Preparation and Requirements

State Requirements

Make an appointment to meet with any Civil Registrar as you are required to give at least three months' notice of your intention to marry in advance of your proposed date of marriage.  In the Dublin area the Registrar is at Joyce House, Lombard Street East, Dublin 2 (Tel: 01 8638200).

You will need the following information and documentation for your meeting with the Registrar:

If either of you have been previously married you must provide the Civil Registrar with an original divorce decree or death certificate if widowed.

Make sure you receive the Marriage Registration Form (MRF) from the Registrar and show it to the priest who has agreed to marry you, as soon as possible, to ensure that all details are correct.

Marriage Preparation Courses

The parish and Diocese has a requirement for you to take part in a marriage preparation course which will give you an opportunity to explore your relationship together before your marriage and assist you in focusing on the issues and responsibilities of married life.  For more information and booking please contact the following:

ACCORD Dublin has launched a new website.  For Sacramental Marriage Preparation Courses or for Marriage and Relationship Counselling please visit 

        ACCORD    Tel:  01 4780866 or;

        Angela O'Rourke, Mount Argus.  Tel:  01 2964257

A useful website for planning your ceremony is  This website also has a link to create your own wedding booklet.  There is also an excellent book called 'A Wedding of your Own' by Father Padraig McCarthy published by Veritas.

Church Requirements

Within six months of the wedding, it is time to gather the required Church documents.  Again do not leave this to the last minute as it can take time to get these documents, particularly if one of you was baptised outside of Ireland. These papers are sent to the Church where the wedding is to take place. These include:

When you have all these documents, arrange to meet your local priest who will fill out a Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Form. This is a form which basically asks a number of questions to make sure that you understand the step that you are about to take. All of these documents are then sent to the Church where the wedding is to take place. 

All of the above requirements will be explained to you by your local priest. The above applies to the situation of two Catholics who intend to marry. For other circumstances, there are more requirements. If the couple live outside of Ireland but are getting married in Ireland, they still must notify the State. Their Church papers are sent by their local priest to the Bishop of the diocese where the wedding is to take place and these in turn are sent by the Bishop to the Church where the wedding is to take place. 

As regards planning the liturgy for the wedding, I recommend that you buy a book called 'A Wedding of your Own' by Padraig Mc Carthy which is published by Veritas. This book contains all the readings, wedding rites and prayers. There is even a checklist at the back to make sure that you have remembered everything from the readers to the flowers. 

If you would like to have a 'Papal Blessing', you can order them through Veritas. It takes a few months to get it and before ordering you will need to have a letter from your priest stating that you are to be married on a particular date and that you are practising Catholics. 

For information on getting married in Rome see the website for the Irish College in Rome

Finally we do hope that you find this information useful and may we wish you and your partner every happiness for the future. You will find more detailed information on getting married at the Jesuit website 'Getting Married'