Preparation for Confirmation emphasizes the graces that the Holy Spirit brings. It is intended that those preparing for this Sacrament would be enabled to see the Holy Spirit working in their own lives.

Children preparing for Confirmation, usually in sixth class in primary school, often attend a retreat.

Preparation also includes an Enrollment Ceremony, The Confirmation Preparation Rituals.

Glenasmole and Holy Rosary National Schools

Confirmation Information/Registration Meeting

for parents/guardians of children 

from Glenasmole NS and Holy Rosary primary school 

will take place on Thursday 19th October 2023 at 7.30pm 

in Holy Rosary Church.  

We look forward to meeting you all.

During the Confirmation ceremony the Bishop (or the priest representing him) anoints the children with chrism and says the words ‘Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit’. The Bishop also lays his hands on the children in gesture of appointing or sending. The children are called upon to be active participants in the Church. At Confirmation, children traditionally make a promise to abstain from alcohol/drugs for a given time. A Confirmation name is also selected and traditionally this is a saint’s name.