St Anne's church celebrates 150 years (1868-2018)

Design a logo!

As a first event to our anniversary celebrations, everyone from far and wide is invited to submit an anniversary logo. Where do you start with a logo? You capture a key element of what St Anne’s church means to you and to our community.

 What inspires you when you think of St Anne’s church, being here for 150 years? The thousands who received sacraments, who marked the start of their faith life and the final journey? The shared moments, of joy and sorrow? The goodness and creativity that comes out of community and friendship, and makes a difference to people.

 Or is it more linked with what symbols really grab you – a candle, the cross, holy water, something about the church’s exterior or interior that you want to focus on?

St Anne's church Bohernabreena
The situation of the church is beautiful, commented on and loved by many - does this inspire you? The rural landscape that the church sits in is on the edge of Dublin’s biggest suburb, has links with the valleys and hills around it, and yet in it’s time it served as far away as Newlands Cross and Knocklyon, touching many families throughout Dublin and beyond. The local people built it, using local materials, in a time of poverty and hardship, within twenty-five years of the famine.

There’s no right or wrong answer here. We are looking forward to seeing where this challenge takes you, and we hope you enjoy the process. We look forward to displaying the results for the community to enjoy in the Roseanna Hall in December, do pop your head in if you get a chance.

Submission details:

Closing date: Sunday 3rd December 2017
Boxes at the back of St Anne's and Holy Rosary churches - please put name and number on the back of art work
Parish offices: St Anne's and Holy Rosary offices
Glenasmole and Holy Rosary schools

Extra materials for inspiration!

Centenary booklet for St Anne's church written nearly 50 years ago!
Source section of South Dublin library - search for all things on Bohernabreena, a wealth of resources.
Search in the Source section for the booklet "A Walk in Time"
Peter Quinn's book "Bohernabreena", published by The History Press of Ireland, copies in Stillorgan bookshop
Patrick Healy's book "Glenasmole Roads", found complete in a pdf in the Source section above.