Holy Rosary Replacement Church Project - History of Project

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April 4, 2004 Replacement Church Submission Document Completed 
March 31, 2007 Diocese agrees to review Replacement Church Project 
May 15, 2007 Committee Formed to look after the project 
June 12, 2007 Open Meeting in Parish to share suggestions and ideas for replacement church 
July 25, 2007 Requests to Architects to put together proposal for the project 
September 25, 2007 Fitzgerald Kavanagh Partners (FKP) appointed as architects for the project 
October 11, 2007 First Meeting With Architects 
December 22, 2007 Two different layouts provided by FKP. These were displayed in the church over the Christmas period and parishioners were asked for their preferred layout, and any other suggestions 
January 24, 2008 Meeting with FKP to discuss new plans based on suggestions from parishioners 
March 12, 2008 Meeting with the diocesan representatives and FKP to discuss the way forward for the project 
April 30, 2008 Diocese agrees in principle to project and approves progress to planning stage 
June 13, 2008 Planning application lodged with SDCC - for details see http://www.sdublincoco.ie/index.aspx?pageid=144&regref=SD08A/0404&type=apps&dateoptions=any&area=Any&keywordtype=regref&term= 
August 7, 2008 Permission granted for the new church 
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